The Importance of Falling

Students of all shapes and sizes, of different disciples, always fall at some point or another. But, falling does not necessarily mean failing, despite the only visual difference being one letter.

Falling is learning and failing is never trying. All yogis have fallen on their faces once or twice… or twenty times. Can it be frustrating? Hell yeah it can, but you can choose to get upset and work yourself up, or you can choose to laugh about it. Personally, I choose the latter.

After all, it is only a yoga pose and we are only human, which means that falling can sometimes be inevitable. That goes for situations on and off of your mat. You don’t just pop out of the womb and immediately stand up and begin walking. It takes time, practice, and effort. It is a constant cycle of try, fall, and repeat. At first, we are working to fall, but the repetition of falling and getting back up builds self-confidence.

There is no better feeling than finally getting into that pose that has been so challenging for so long. Or finally accomplishing something off of your mat that you have worked endless hours to achieve. So what if you get a few bruises on the journey there? “Bruises are a badge of honor,” proof that we tried. So go get some bruises! Namaste, L