What happens when we actually begin practicing self-love instead of just talking about it?

What happens when we actually begin practicing self-love instead of just talking about it?

We live in a world where we acknowledge our need for self-love, yet we struggle deeply to give ourselves permission to take the steps to get there. We were raised to work hard in order to make money and succeed, but all while constantly putting others first. Unfortunately, the lesson of making sure you yourself were well taken care of throughout that journey seems to have been pushed aside.

How could you ever truly give love if you do not hold that same love within? If you constantly give from an empty vessel, you will only wind up feeling depleted, and drained. It would be like trying to stay afloat while attempting to put a life vest on someone without first putting on yours. You may eventually get the job done, but it will be an exhausting task. You then take the chance of not having enough energy to stay afloat to save yourself.

The path to self-love is simply recognizing and prioritizing your needs. In doing so, you will begin to notice yourself becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, your truest form. You’ll begin to see things more clearly and accept all of the blessings that life has to offer you. Self-love helps you to choose how to show up in this world and how to take ownership of your life.

Self-love is like the water needed to nourish a planted seed. It allows us to begin to sprout, grow, and eventually bloom to find our fullest form, our true nature. As you begin to truly love yourself, life begins to shift. You begin to view the world through a different lens - a lens of true, selfless love. When our vessels are full, we are better able to give to others in the fullest way.

Happiness comes from within, the long-lasting kind at least. Remember that only you yourself are fully in charge of your own happiness and the key to unlocking that happiness is self-love.

What are you waiting for? Go find the key!

Love & Light, L