Your soul has a divine purpose, a deep truth, an expansive inner wisdom, and an authentic way of expressing itself. When we can see all of these aspects of the self for what they truly are, we begin to flow in alignment with our soul's pure essence. 

When we flow against the current of divinity, we are ultimately fighting the tide of life. When we learn to let go and allow even the slightest shift back into that flow, we feel it deep within our heart's center... it feels natural and as if you've found a sense of home within your body.

As we start to find our way back to this state of alignment, everything in our external world begins to shift to keep us on this path - synchronicities occur, relationships that no longer serve you fall away and those that are within your frequency magically appear, major transitions happen (loss of a job, big move, etc.), and the entire Universe begins to act in your favor. Even through difficult times, we can somehow find a sense of calm amidst the storm. Our own inner guidance arises to help us navigate through.

Things like pain, anxiety, sadness, depression can be all be major signs that something is not right within your current state of reality and they typically act as cues to dive deeper within the soul to find your most authentic truth. It's important that we learn not to ignore these giant flashing lights, for our soul will always hold the answer needed. It's only when we are out of tune do we begin to feel like we've hit roadblocks or fallen off track. Staying in tune means staying in alignment. 

For so long, humans have lived in doubt and have been taught not to connect with our Higher Self. We spend so much of our energy looking outside of ourselves, focusing on the opinions of others, as well as using distractions and numbing agents, that we've lost this beautiful and profound connection. In this way, so many are unaware what they truly desire, which is typically the reasoning for feeling as if they aren't where they want to be or have no idea how to get there. They make decisions based on what others desire for them in order to please or to feel safe.

The journey to aligning with your soul requires turning your focus entirely inward in order to heal the wounds that are preventing you from listening to that inner guidance, learning to hear the call and follow the messages, and wholeheartedly believing that you have what it takes to create the life of your wildest dreams and knowing that you deserve it. 

When living your life purpose, the world can be made a better place through giving it your truest gift, which is being the most authentic version of you that you can be. When we align with this state, all of our actions come from a place of wanting to give as opposed to receive. The act of giving becomes more enjoyable because it fills us in a way that taking never could. That is what Soul Alignment with Selfless Love is all about. 

My intention here is to lovingly welcome you exactly as you are, and to provide a safe and comforting space that nurtures and supports you on your personal journey back home to you. I am dedicated to creating a community of love based around selflessness, aiding all of us to better connect with ourselves, those around us, and the Universe as a whole. I challenge each individual to show up as their authentic selves (to the best of their ability), to be entirely present through each session, and to put in the time and energy needed to find their way back into their divine flow. I invite you to discover a new way of living within your body and in the world surrounding you. As you open your heart to the divinity that you are, you will receive everything and all that you need. From the depths of my heart, I welcome you on your journey back home and I am here to support you every step of the way.

What is Soul Alignment?

Soul alignment is the process of uniting the physical body, conscious and the subconscious mind, the emotions, the breath, the spirit, and the shadow self in order to align with your most authentic self - the purest essence of who you are... your soul. It's engaging each and every one of these aspects of the self in order to bring them into divine flow with your purpose residing underneath the mayas (illusions) of this earthly plane. The more that we learn to stay in alignment with this flow, the more our life experiences are filled with love, peace, happiness, abundance, and expansion. We begin to feel fulfilled in life and no longer seek things outside of ourselves to validate us. We recognize that we are so much more than just this physical body and it gives us a sense of wholeness and inner light that can then be shined out into the world around us for all to see and enjoy.

What is Selfless Love?

Selfless Love is to love regardless of your own personal needs, without any attachment or expectation of receiving anything in return. It's about living wholeheartedly without the need for any personal gain. It means that whatever you do, you do it from the heart and this comes from a pure place within you which does not have any preconceived notion that you will receive acknowledgment, reciprocity, or accolades in return. You're not thinking about yourself or what you are able to receive, you are only thinking of others and what you are able to give in order to be of service.

"Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson